Sanctuary for Families Gift Registry

We launched our 2nd Global Gift Registry, a “baby shower gone large,” on May 17, 2020 for Sanctuary for Families.  With 11 offices and shelters, Sanctuary is a New York non-profit serving over 10,000 women and children that experience gender violence such as domestic abuse and sex-trafficking.  In three weeks, Sanctuary raised approximately $51,000 for in cash and 1300+ of in-kind donations: baby supplies, personal care products, non-perishable food, cleaning products, women’s clothing and gift cards.

Sanctuary for Families tells us how the Global Gift Registry helps the community:  

Especially in this moment, these gifts mean far more than just receiving physical items. When our clients (and staff!) see these gifts, they represent the best of people – perfect strangers no less! – at a time when they are constantly reliving the most painful moments in their lives. These gifts will keep on giving in the happy memories they evoke during an otherwise difficult time.


Sanctuary for Families documented the immediate impact that the Global Gift Registry had on women and children in New York City.  In the first 11 days, 1000 gifts in hundreds of boxes arrived to Sactuary’s NYC offices.  Their small team immediately sorted and delivered our gifts directly to the women and children living in shelters located in the Bronx and Brooklyn.  The Global Gift Registry’s mission is to activate fast getting women and children the supplies they need right now to survive.


Sanctuary for Families in New York:  Covid-19 leaves millions of women and children homeless, unemployed and living in violent environments.  To help with the rising need for food, necessary supplies and safe shelter, we co-hosted a baby shower for Sanctuary for Families through the Global Gift Registry where we invited everyone to purchase gifts through   Sanctuary for Families is a New York non-profit with 11 facilities serving 10,500 women and children who have survived domestic violence and related forms of gender violence.  Sanctuary has continued to provide comprehensive shelter services to clients during the pandemic, but supplies are running low and funding is at risk with our spiraling economy.

It takes a village. We used the Global Gift Registry to help Sanctuary for Families secure basic necessities such as food, diapers, tampons, maxi-pads, breast pumps, underwear, cleaning products and so much more.  Think of the Global Gift Registry as making a “Target Run” or going “grocery shopping” for our unknown sisters.

What we did.  Through the power of technology, we used the Global Gift Registry  to ask our networks to join us in showering Sanctuary for Families with love and support.  The cost for items began at an $0.89 bag of rice.  We intentionally listed all price points so everyone can participate.  Every gift matters. Each one. Save one.

Team Information

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 Phone: 212-349-6009