Lotus House Gift Registry

The Global Gift Registry’s novel idea of a “baby shower gone large” was first launched on April 26, 2020 in support of Lotus House Women’s Shelter in Miami, Florida. In three weeks, Lotus House raised approximately $36,000+ in cash and 2,200+ in in-kind donations:  baby supplies, personal care products, non-perishable food and gift cards.

Within days of the Global Gift Registry’s activation, Lotus House sent pictures and videos of boxes filled with gifts which started to arrive by the truckload. Everything was put to immediate use on the ground to help those in need:

  • Food unboxed from Target, packed in care packages and distributed to the community today
  • Baby items made their way to supply closets and are being distributed to expecting and new moms living in-shelter
  • Small gift cards filed away as therapy incentives while larger gift cards used for purchasing needed supplies such as towels, blankets and additional food

The COVID-19 pandemic left thousands of homeless Americans across the country particularly vulnerable. One recent chance encounter demonstrated the challenges faced by those without safe shelter. On March 28th, Jacqueline Nickelberry came across a woman in Downtown Miami who was in her third trimester sleeping on a cement bench. Over the next two days, Jacqueline assisted the woman by bringing her food/supplies and attempting to find her shelter. With Covid-19 escalating, shelters were not responding to bed requests. However, once Lotus House heard of the emergency, they immediately made space for this vulnerable pregnant woman.  No transportation options were available because of the pandemic; Lotus House’s President and Executive Director took it upon herself to drive the woman in her personal car to the shelter. Lotus House’s commitment to fighting homelessness through the stresses of the pandemic highlights the important role it plays for underserved communities in these uncertain times.

It takes a village: We invited a group of engaged women across the globe to support Lotus House,  Their mission to holistically improve the lives of homeless families through sanctuary, support and education is nationally recognized. They provide more than a warm bed and a hot meal. Lotus House uses therapeutic techniques to heal traumas and wounds and break the cycle of homelessness. They teach life skills and offer employment/training programs. Lotus House’s comprehensive approach provides a full medical clinic, in-house daycare, a yoga studio and even a Zen garden. They use a dignified and multi-layered approach to answer the complex problem of homelessness. To find more information about Lotus House’s programming, visit their website HERE.

What we did: As a global community, we came together to support Lotus House by hosting a registry through Target.com. We worked with Lotus House to identify the items they need most: (1) Baby supplies ranging in price from $1.19 to $100.00; (2) Essential non-perishable foods and disposable utensils; and (3) Gift cards which Lotus House uses to encourage women to take advantage of their therapeutic services. The registry intentionally listed a broad array of price points so everyone can participate!

The Global Gift Registry is proud to have “showered” Lotus House with love and support through our Global Gift Registry. While we each did our best to stay healthy and sane waiting out the worldwide pandemic, we were reminded that one of the ways to not feel hopeless is by providing hope and a future to someone else.

Team Information

 Lotus House Women's Shelter
 Age number: www.lotushouse.org
 Phone: (305) 438-0556
 Email: beatrice@lotushouse.org