What we do

We take a grassroots approach to providing essential supplies for expecting women, children and families in vulnerable communities. By shining a spotlight on the need for necessities such as non-perishable food, personal care products, clothing and baby supplies, we rally around organizations who take immediate action to deploy these resources to communities in real time. We make philanthropy more accessible by encouraging participation regardless of income level on a virtual platform. Our work is founded on the core principle of community-led gifting and our program is infused with the commitment and passion to see lives change one gift at a time.

Our Mission

Our call-to-action is clear.  We stand arm-in-arm in support of our most vulnerable, underserved and economically deprived communities. We come together doing what women always do in times of crisis; we rally together looking out for our neighbors creating unique solutions for tough problems. We activate in real time – providing essential supplies to families within days of purchase.