Primo Center Gift Registry

We launched our 3rd Global Gift Registry, a “baby shower gone large,” on June 28, 2020 for the Primo Center in Chicago, the largest and highest performing provider of services and shelter for homeless children and their families in Chicago.   In total, we raised over $38,000 of in-kind contributions to support Chicago’s homeless population.  On July 9th, Channel NBC5 featured the Global Gift Registry’s success in Chicago of sending $20,000.00 worth of supplies to the Primo Center in just 10 days:  food, baby products, diapers, household goods and so much more. Click HERE to watch the clip.

The Primo Center consistently places more than 90% of families in permanent housing with only a 5% rate of return to homelessness; the industry standard is 55-65%.  To purchase a gift to support the Primo Center, please click HERE.


The Primo Center was founded 40 years ago in Chicago by Bishop Quintin Primo Jr., the first black bishop of Chicago. It is now the largest non-profit provider of family shelter services in Chicago serving the historically underserved and extremely impoverished communities on the south & west side of the city. Primo currently has four homeless shelters, 300 beds and will grow to 350 by end of year.  They serve 1000+ women, children and families annually.  95% of their clients are black people; many come from families where homelessness is their norm meaning they have had housing instability their entire lives.  Offering a variety of comprehensive services from financial literacy sessions, job training and mental health therapy, Primo works to break the cycle of homelessness by empowering families to become productive, responsible and independent members of their community.

It takes a village. Multiplying the injustices many black people were already facing in Chicago, Covid-19 now leaves millions of families unemployed with increased shelter and food insecurity.  Primo has continued to provide shelter services to clients during the pandemic, but supplies are running low and funding is at risk with our spiraling economy.The Global Gift Registry  will help the Primo Center secure basic necessities such as food, diapers, menstrual supplies, kitchen items, bedding, cleaning products, books, baby products and so much more.  Created during the Covid-19 crisis, the Global Gift Registry’s online platform organizes a giving drive that feels very much like a “virtual baby shower.”  This initiative allows us to collectively support those in need even as we socially distance in these uncertain times.

How you can help?  Please join us in showering the Primo Center with gifts of love and support by purchasing a gift.  The cost for items begins at less than $1.00.  We intentionally list all price points so everyone can participate.  Each gift goes directly to someone in need. Click HERE to support the Primo Center!




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