Hope Gardens’ Gift Registry

We launched our 5th Global Gift Registry on September 27 with Hope Gardens Family Center (operated by Union Rescue Mission) which is a transitional homeless shelter to 75 mothers, 150 children and 25 senior women.  Click HERE to purchase a gift from the Global Gift Registry to support Hope Gardens. To date, the Global Gift Registry has sent almost 1500 gifts to Hope Gardens valuing almost $17,000.  The staff immediately distributed food, baby carriers, toys, games, gift cards and learning tools to families.

Watch Maritza’s story:  https://youtu.be/jc96JQkPwgw

Nestled in the Angeles National Forest’s foothills with 77 acres of beautiful greenery, Hope Gardens works to break the cycle of homelessness by offering a living facility where women can reside with their children for an average of 3 years. During that time, they focus on restructuring their lives and accomplishing goals in a safe and secure environment. At Hope Gardens, women receive counseling, training, and encouragement to escape homelessness forever. Many of the women come from Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles and other unsafe environments. They are victims of domestic violence, sex trafficking, drug abuse, incarceration, former foster youth, generational poverty cycles and chronic homelessness. They work along-side the women to help them maintain stability and focus on life transformation.


Watch Antonia’s Story:  https://youtu.be/ouNkM4oGCXo

Homelessness for Women and Children in Los Angeles:  No one should live on Los Angeles’ dangerous Skid Row…least of all women and children. Yet every night, 25,000 women and children sleep on Southern California’s streets in places unsuitable for humans. These already tragic numbers are rapidly growing as COVID-19 continues. Women and children now make up 40% of all people experiencing homelessness. Hope Gardens is the ONLY organization on Skid Row welcoming children and families. Union Rescue Mission specifically created the Hope Gardens Family Center to help mothers overcome homelessness and transform their lives. It has maintained a commitment NEVER to turn away a woman, child, or family from our door.

It takes a village.  COVID-19 leaves millions unemployed with shelter and food insecurity and now the added concern of how to safely educate their kids.  Hope Gardens continues to provide services to children and families during the pandemic but supplies are running low and funding is at risk with our spiraling economy.  The Global Gift Registry  helps secure basic necessities such as learning tools, food, baby products, personal care items, cleaning supplies, books, gift cards and so much more.  Created at the onset of Covid-19 crisis, the Global Gift Registry’s online platform organizes a giving drive that feels very much like a “virtual baby shower.”  This initiative allows us to collectively support our community even as we socially distance.

How you can help?  Please join us in showering Hope Gardens with gifts of support by purchasing a gift (or three) from the online Registry.  The cost for items begins at $1.00.  We intentionally list all price points so everyone can participate.  Each gift goes directly to someone in need. Click HERE to support Hope Gardens and the families they serve!

How can YOU Participate in the Global Gift Registry?

  1. Please email us at support@globalgiftregistry.org if you will serve as a “Hostess” for the Global Gift Registry. We list hostesses names on the promotional materials and request the following: (1) Purchase a gift from the Global Gift Registry for Hope Gardens. Every gift counts.  We select a wide range of products to encourage broad participation.; and (2) Share the Global Gift Registry Target link with at least 10 family, friends and colleagues asking them to join you in buying a gift to support women, children and families.The Global Gift Registry makes it easy by providing you with sample copy that you can forward via email, text and/or post on social media.  The virtual options are endless!
  2. If you don’t want to serve as a “Hostess” but would still like to participate,  you (and/or your corporation) can purchase a gift from the registry and then consider sharing the Target.com link with your network.


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