New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic & Assistance Foundation

Our 7th Global Gift Registry will launch on November 7, 2020 to support the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic & Assistance Foundation (“NOMAF”).

New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic & Assistance Foundation was founded in 1988 and provides comprehensive medical care and social services to local musicians, performing artists, cultural workers and tradition bearers.  New Orleans is the birthplace for Jazz, and  NOMAF strives to ensure that the musicians who are the heartbeat of the community have proper healthcare, social services and community programs.  When the pandemic hit in 2020, NOMAF quickly pivoted from not only providing healthcare but also providing healthy food and other household goods.  Many musicians live on merely $18,000 annually and need live music and tourism to survive and feed their families.   In June 2020, NOMAF launched Makin’ Groceries, a program providing weekly, delivered care packages of nutritious groceries, prepared meals, community health education materials and lagniappe to over 100 elderly and medically vulnerable patients and their families.  NOMAF was determined that its musicians would not only survive, but thrive.   With access to healthy groceries and recipes, some musicians lost weight or stabilized their high blood pressure and diabetes.

It takes a village.  Multiplying the injustices many New Orleans’ musicians were already facing, Covid-19 leaves families unemployed with increased shelter and food insecurity.  NOMAF continues to provide services to children and families during the pandemic but supplies always run low and funding continues to be a problem, particularly now as our economy recovers.  These communities need our help now.  Over 90% of their families live in poverty.  The Global Gift Registry will support NOMAF’s Makin’ Groceries program securing basic necessities such as household goods, food, baby products, personal care items, cleaning supplies, books, gift cards and so much more.  Created during the Covid-19 crisis, the Global Gift Registry’s online platform organizes a giving drive that feels very much like a “virtual baby shower.”  Using click-to-purchase technology through our phones and computers, we can collectively support those in need all over the world.

How you can help?  On November 7, please join us in showering NOMAF with gifts of love and support by purchasing a gift.  The cost for items begins at less than $1.00.  We intentionally list all price points so everyone can participate.  Each gift goes directly to someone in need.

How can YOU Participate in our next Global Gift Registry?

  1. Please email us at if you will serve as a “Hostess” for the Global Gift Registry. We list hostesses names on the promotional materials and request the following: (1) Purchase a gift from the Global Gift Registry.  Every gift counts.  We select a wide range of products to encourage broad participation.; and (2) Share the Global Gift Registry Target link with family, friends and colleagues asking them to join you in buying a gift to support women, children and families.The Global Gift Registry makes it easy by providing you with sample copy that you can forward via email, text and/or post on social media.  The virtual options are endless!
  2. If you don’t want to serve as a “Hostess” but would still like to participate, once our Global Gift Registry goes live, you (and/or your corporation) can purchase a gift from the registry and then consider sharing the link with your network.

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