Oakland Coming Soon

We will launch a Global Gift Registry in Oakland in 2020.  We are identifying our Oakland partner organization so please email us at support@globalgiftregistry.org if you have suggestions and/or would like to participate as an individual or corporate sponsor.  Our criteria for a non-profit partner organization is that it serves women, children and families fighting the disparities caused by race, gender, homelessness and food insecurity.

How can YOU Participate in our next Global Gift Registry?

  1. Please email us at support@globalgiftregistry.org if you will serve as a “Hostess” for the Global Gift Registry. We list hostesses names on the promotional materials and request the following: (1) Purchase a gift from the Global Gift Registry for the Primo Center. Every gift counts.  We select a wide range of products to encourage broad participation.; and (2) Share the Global Gift Registry Target link with at least 10 family, friends and colleagues asking them to join you in buying a gift to support women, children and families.The Global Gift Registry makes it easy by providing you with sample copy that you can forward via email, text and/or post on social media.  The virtual options are endless!
  2. If you don’t want to serve as a “Hostess” but would still like to participate, once our Global Gift Registry goes live, you (and/or your corporation) can purchase a gift from the registry and then consider sharing the Target.com link with your network.

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